Well… I wanted to kick off this blog with a story of fantastic success, an amazing make and some beautiful pictures. Let’s just say that’s not going to happen. But first, some backstory to my massive failure.

Halloween is coming up, we all know it. And I LOVE Halloween. Like a kid loves candy… or like I love candy. For the last few years my family and I have thrown an annual pumpkin carving party a few days before Halloween. We eat food, drink booze (if we’re old enough) and carve some awesome (and not so awesome) pumpkins. It started small, just a few people, but now, two years later we have something like 15 people coming.

My mum, being my mum, who is also known as Mummy June, decided that I must bake something, specifically a cake. And she found me a kit.

This Kit

It’s looks pretty simple right? I mean, it’s marketed at kids! I thought it was going to be easy, one two three and done. Inside the box there were two packets, one with icing, one with cake mix, a bag of chocolate sticks and a bag of white chocolate buttons to melt down. Even the decorations had stencils you could pipe on to. It should be simple! Right?


The thing is, the packets with the icing and the cake mix were both white plastic. They were roughly the same size, one a little heavier and smaller than the other. They weren’t very well labelled either. Yeah… I think you know where I’m going with this.

I did what I was supposed to do: added the milk, melted butter and egg. Beat the entire thing for so long my arm felt like it was going to drop off. Poured it in to a carefully greased tin. Put it in the oven to bake. And bake. And bake.

About twenty minutes after I’d put it in, ten more than it was supposed to be in for, I decided to check how it was going. I put a skewer in and it came out runny. I waited another ten minutes. Still no change. So I went back to the box. This time I read the grown up instructions on the side, not the brightly coloured ones on the back. Bells started to go off in my brain.

That was when I looked more closely at the label on the bags, even fishing the empty one out of the bin. Low and behold… I’d been trying to bake the icing.


Queue me throwing myself on to the floor and whinging while the dog licked my face and Mummy June laughing her head off. My dad laughed his head off. My sister and her boyfriend laughed their heads off when they came round for a visit.

Needless to say, it was a massive fail. What a way to kick off my blog. A cake baked from icing that’s now all over the kitchen sink, bin and bottom of the oven. Me barred from baking for a while. My mum and dad very amused.

I’m just sad I forgot to take photos.



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